European stocks open with declines of more than 3% due to new variant of covid-19

The main European stock exchanges opened with drops of more than 3% this Friday due to the appearance of a new variant of the coronavirus, very contagious, in South Africa.

The Paris stock market opened down 4.02%, London lost 2.93%, Madrid fell 3.48% and Frankfurt more than 3%.

In London, the price of a barrel of WTI oil registered a fall of more than 5%.

Hours earlier in Asia, the markets had already reflected this downward trend and the Tokyo stock market closed down 2.53%, after registering declines of more than 3% during the day.

A new variant of covid-19, called for now B.1.1.529, was detected in South Africa and appears to be highly contagious, according to scientists, who for now do not know if the vaccines being administered are effective against this alteration of the virus.

Several European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany, have already taken measures and closed their doors to travelers from southern African countries.

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