María Paula Salas once again had a magical night in a decisive match

María Paula Salas is still on and is one of those players who appears with goals in decisive matches. It is his job, but it also became his tonic. Again, the scorer from Alajuelense wreaked havoc in a classic against Saprissa FF.

In the second leg of the final of the Clausura 2021, the 19-year-old Ramonense scored a triplet that meant a lot to her, because the previous tournament could not play those matches because she was recovering from arm surgery and that time she was inside, on the court, where he is really happy.

If days ago he scored three goals, in the Super Cup he put on the figure suit, when he scored four of the five goals with which Alajuelense beat Saprissa FF 1-5 in Tibás. In addition, in the other red and black entry by Viviana Chinchilla, she generated the assist.

“From the beginning I have taken things seriously, I have wanted more, since I arrived I had the happiness that they have given me that opportunity to be here, to be able to play and the best gratitude is to show it on the court”, expressed María Paula Rooms in statements to TDMore.

The attacker mentioned that the team was very committed to closing the year with another title and that they came out with everything, because that is what they prepared for.

“We respect the rival we play with and I think that making ourselves respected is doing what we have left and the team did extremely well throughout the tournament ”.

If the beginning of the year was not so good for her, because she had to undergo that surgery that she so badly needed and that caused her a lot of pain every time her shoulder was dismounted, the hardest thing was that break of several months. But since she returned, the league scorer has been unstoppable on the net.

“Personally, I feel very grateful, both with the team, with the teacher, because they gave me that confidence and I feel very happy, this is a pretty great joy.”

By attending to Radio Columbia and Teletica RadioSalas also stressed that one of the strengths of this invincible Alajuelense women’s team is that it does not depend on a player.

“I was injured, it was won, Jennie Lakip was injured and it was won, Fabiola Sánchez was not there and it was won, we do not depend on a player and I include myself. I feel that we have done well in general and it is reflected on the court ”.

In addition, he pointed out: “The group is very complete, we feel good, the training sessions also and we have all done well, the scores are given and it is reflected.”

Of the fans who came to the stands of Ricardo Saprissa to witness the Super Cup between purple and red, the majority were followers of the League.

“I have said it several times. For the fans of the League what is possible is that they are crazy, I think it is a hobby that is always present, not only in networks, but is present in the stadiums and this is part of them, they are thanked and this it is part of them ”.

If you take into account what were the last two women’s football classics between Alajuelense and Saprissa FF, María Paula Salas scored seven goals. Without a doubt, she again had a magical night in a decisive match.

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