The Missing Persecution, Girlfriend’s Message and Questions About Afghanistan

A few days ago, International Day for the Prevention of Missing Persons was celebrated, a day that has become very relevant for hundreds of families in Bangladesh. Every year at this time the families of the missing people speak to them in public, appealing for the rescue of their missing loved ones.

I am starting today with a letter about that, writes Kazi Saeed from Jhenaidah :

“BBC Bangla’s video report on the missing people is heartbreaking. The only working person in the world is someone’s husband, someone’s child, and someone’s father. Only those who are going through this situation can tell how many people in a family suffer miserably after losing this person.

” More troubling is the financial situation. The family members are not getting the money earned by the missing person for the rest of his life because he does not have a death certificate. Isn’t it more painful? Moreover, losing a person does not mean dying. Shouldn’t there be a solution? “

Mr. Saeed is miserable in all respects. Kidnapping a person and violating his freedom, his right to life is not only an illegal act, it is an extreme violation of his dignity and rights as a citizen.

But there is no way to cure it. The finger of blame is being pointed at the law enforcement agencies, but the authorities are indifferent, as if there is no such thing as disappearance in Bangladesh.

The financial issue is now under discussion, as families may have given up hope of getting their loved ones back, but authorities are also reluctant to declare them dead. These bereaved families are really going through a miserable ordeal.

Read more in BBC Bangla:

All of the people who have returned from missing are unknown

গুম হয়ে যাওয়া একজনের পরিবারের একজন নারী সংবাদ সম্মেলনে ভেঙ্গে পড়েছেন, ৩০/০৮/২০২১

The goal of the opposition’s silence?

The next letter was written by Mohammad Rezaul Rahim from Lohagara, Chittagong :

“A culture of fear has spread in Bangladesh through the disappearance of opposition leaders and activists, dissidents and the media. The culture of free justice is encouraging disappearance. Moreover, why not a single case of disappearance has been tried in Bangladesh is a big question.

” How long will the culture of impunity last?” In order to stop this practice of disappearance in Bangladesh, I think there is no alternative but to investigate the incidents and ensure the accountability of the accused persons.

You are right Mr. Rahim, there is no way to prevent any crime except by enforcing the law. But in the case of disappearances, the matter has become quite complicated. Where the authorities are reluctant to take cognizance of the matter, who will judge? Who will be judged? The government must come forward to get out of this frightening situation.

But if ordinary people continue to protest, and there is full support from civil society and the media, the number of disappearances may decrease.

মুক্তি পাবার পর পরীমনি কাশিমপুর জেলের বাইরে ভক্তদের অভিনন্দন জানাচ্ছেন, ০১/০৯/২০২১

Girlfriend and Bitch debate

This time let’s talk about the actress Parimani, who was released on bail two days ago.

After his release, there is a lot of discussion about a message written in his hand. Jahin Mumtahinah from Laxmibazar in Dhaka writes about it :

“After the actress Parimani was released on bail from Kashimpur jail on September 1, the sentence ‘Don’t ❤❤❤ Me Bitch’ written by her has caused a storm of discussion on social media. The language of protest can be different, but no matter who or what the purpose of the protest is, it is really fancy, unprecedented and it will give many women the strength and courage to protest.

” No one is above mistakes, parimanirao may be wrong, but as a woman with her abuse and harassment have been justified his protest message written in his hand. ”

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