Why prayer house in Jharkhand assembly of India, massive protest of BJP

The BJP has taken to the streets in Jharkhand to protest against the allocation of a house by the Speaker for the prayers of Muslim MLAs and workers in the state assembly.

On Thursday, the BJP is observing ‘Black Day’ across the state. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

As a result of the BJP’s protests, Speaker Rabindranath Mahato on Thursday said an all-party committee would decide whether to keep the prayer house.

Why BJP objected to the prayer house

A few days ago, the secretariat of the assembly issued an order stating that the house number TW 347 would be used for prayers.

The BJP started protesting as soon as the directive was issued.

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Saran (left), Assembly Speaker Rabindranath Mahato (right)

BJP legislators have been protesting since the assembly session began on Monday. They also chanted the slogan ‘Joy Sriram’.

The state has had a Jharkhand Mukti Morcha-led government since 2019, with the BJP the main opposition party.

The BJP alleges that Chief Minister Hemant Saran has gone beyond the bounds of flattery politics.

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Former Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition Babulal Marandi tweeted, “Making prayer halls for a section of the Jharkhand Legislative Assembly is not just a wrong tradition, this decision is completely contrary to democratic values.”

The old building also had a prayer room

Speaker Rabindranath Mahato said, “The previous building also had a room for Muslim employees to offer prayers. The new building also had a request for a room where they could offer regular prayers.

“They have been given an empty house as per their request. There is an unreasonable debate about this,” he said. Mahato.

BJP legislators are demanding that a Hanuman temple be built in the Vidhan Sabha building after Muslims are given special prayer rooms.

বিধানসভার পুরনো ভবনেও নামাজ ঘর ছিল

Demand to build Hanuman temple

CP Singh, a former assembly speaker and BJP MLA, told the BBC: “There were already two temples in the old assembly building. A new Hanumanji temple will have to be built in the new building. If this demand is not met, the movement will intensify. It can’t go on. “

Mr. Speaker. “To me, both the government and the opposition legislators are equal. If the opposition brings this demand to me, I will look into it and take action. There is no need to worry about it right now,” Mahato said.

বুধবার বিজেপি বিধানসভা ঘেরাও অভিযানে পুলিশের সঙ্গে ধস্তাধস্তি
Photo caption,On Wednesday, the BJP clashed with the police during the siege of the assembly

There are prayer rooms in all the state assemblies

On the other hand, the allied Congress MLA in the government. Irfan Ansari, who has been sharply criticized for praising the Taliban for the recent withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, said: “There are separate prayer rooms in all state legislatures, including Bihar and West Bengal. It’s a loss of work when workers go out to pray during Friday prayers. So he has given a house. If anyone wants a house for puja, let them demand it. “

ঝাড়খণ্ডের ১৫% মানুষ মুসলমান

‘There are Hindu temples in almost all police stations of the country 

Syed Shahroz Kamar, a veteran journalist from Jharkhand, has a different view.

He was saying, “There were two temples in the old building of the assembly. There are temples in almost all the police stations of the country. Any official ceremony or inauguration is done according to Hindu customs. Then no one objects!”

The BJP has demanded a temple in the new building. Kamar commented, “This is the beginning of the competition. If you are given a house of prayer, why not a temple for us.”


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