US destroyer Arleigh Burke enters the Black Sea

“Arleigh Burke entered the Black Sea on 25 November as part of a scheduled patrol. While in the Black Sea, the ship will operate together with allies and partners in NATO in the region, ”the US Navy’s Sixth Fleet said in a statement. It is noted that the destroyer will work to “ensure security and stability on this vital international waterway.”

“The forces and assets of the Black Sea Fleet have begun to monitor the actions of the US Navy guided missile destroyer Arleigh Burke,” the Russian National Defense Control Center said in a statement (quoted by RIA Novosti).

The United States sent a destroyer to the Black Sea amid statements from Western countries about a buildup of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

Ministry of Defense The Russian Federation previously called the actions of the United States and NATO in the Black Sea a study of the theater of military operations in the event of a military solution by Ukraine to the conflict in the southeast of the country. The department considers military activity a threat to regional security and strategic stability. President Vladimir Putin said that what is happening on the Black Sea “Out of bounds”

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