Lukashenko: USA wants to unleash war with the hands of Poles, Balts and Ukrainians

“They need to get closer to Moscow. And here this “balcony” again remained, it interferes with them, it is necessary to cut it off. And they will cut it, ”said Mr. Lukashenko at a joint meeting of the constitutional commission and the working group on finalizing the draft constitution (quote from BelTA).

The President of Belarus said that the Poles took advantage of the migration crisis to realize their strategic goals. “They are trying to take advantage of these poor refugees, this process. Their purpose is already visible. They are already openly saying: connect NATO… What does NATO mean? Unleash a war. They provoke us. Europe does not need this, Europe does not want this, Europe does not want war. Who needs this war? To the Americans, ”Alexander Lukashenko said.

They love to fight with someone else’s hands, and it is necessary to create a mess somewhere here again. And they will watch aside and supply weapons so that we kill each other and the economy goes down. They will come here again with the dollar they are now printing to help us, and America again, as Trump said, first of all – to dominate. That is, by and large, why all this is being done. They want to do it with the hands of Poles, Balts and Ukrainians.

Alexander Lukashenko

Earlier, Minister of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin said that the build-up of NATO forces near the borders of the republic is similar to the events that took place before the Great Patriotic War. The minister saw in these actions “a set of measures to prepare for war.” Chapter Ministry of Defense also expressed concern about attacks on Belarus by Poland, the Baltic countries and Ukraine. According to him, the media are already making “some kind of territorial claims.”

The migration crisis arose on the Polish-Belarusian border due to Middle Eastern refugeeswho want to get into the European Union. Brussels accuses Minsk of deliberately creating a crisis situation. USA, Poland and UK also make responsible for what is happening to Russia.

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