Pfizer accused ex-employee of stealing documents on vaccine against COVID-19

American pharmaceutical company Pfizer filed a lawsuit against former employee Chun Xiao Li. The woman is accused of stealing over 12 thousand confidential files. Some of the stolen documents related to the coronavirus vaccine, created by Pfizer in conjunction with BioNTech, says Forbes.

It is known that Chun Xiao Li served as one of the deputy directors of statistics.

The woman decided to go to work for a competitor, the biopharmaceutical company Xencor Inc, Pfizer said.

According to the company, before Chun Xiao Li left, she downloaded more than 12,000 files from a worker to her personal computer without permission. The documents “potentially relate to numerous vaccines, drugs and other Pfizer innovations,” including the COVID-19 vaccine, the company said in its lawsuit. He was sent to federal court in San Diego, California.

Pfizer believes the former employee violated the confidentiality agreement. The stolen files include internal assessments and recommendations for the coronavirus vaccine, information on Pfizer’s relationship with BioNTech, and a presentation regarding the development of antibodies against cancer.

An American pharmaceutical company claims that Chun Xiao Li “tried to cover up her tracks several times,” and gave her laptop instead of one that had no files on it.

“If Ms. Li had left Pfizer with honor, her name would not have been listed in this complaint. But she made a different choice, ”says Pfizer in the lawsuit.

On November 23, US District Judge Katie Ann Bentsivengo temporarily banned Chun Xiao Li from using all Pfizer-related documents. She allowed the company’s lawyers to gain access to the accounts and devices of the former employee, on which she could store all the stolen information. Hearings on the claim will continue on December 9.

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