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To be part of the General Household Register of the , you have to do some . The first thing is that you must have a Socioeconomic Classification of your home, this is obtained in the Local Registration Unit (ULE) of the Municipality of the district where you live.

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It should be noted that the Sisfoh helps to identify people or population groups in situations of poverty, vulnerability or exclusion through the Socioeconomic Classification (CSE). With this information, it helps to identify the groups that should access social programs and subsidies from the Peruvian State.

As is known, Sisfoh does not affiliate or disaffiliate citizens from these benefits, but rather offers the information. This is done by the ULE by collecting information from households and sending it to the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS). The socioeconomic classification of your home will be valid for 3 years.

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Requirements to request the socioeconomic classification of your home

You must bring your ULE:

  • The DNI of all the members of your household.
  • A water bill and a home electricity bill, as long as there are public services.

At the ULE request and fill out:

  • The Request Form .

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How to request your registration in Sisfoh?

You will only have to perform these three steps:

1. Request your Socioeconomic Classification (CSE)

You must go to the ULE of the Municipality of the district in which you live and request your CSE and the Application Form . Fill it out and present it together with the ID of all the members of your household and the receipts for public services. This request can be made by any representative of the household who is of legal age.

2. Wait for the visit of your Municipality

The Municipality will visit the homes that have requested their CSE, to collect data on them with the application of the Single Socioeconomic File to send them to the Directorate of Targeting Operations and that there is determined the Socioeconomic Classification of your home. But, not all homes need to be visited.

While the registration application process is taking place, you can check the status of the process by contacting the SISFOH user service platform at the telephone: 01-631-8000 annexes: 1750, 1780, 1777, 1756 from Monday to Friday from 8: 30 am to 5:30 pm or write to email: .

3. Result of your Socioeconomic Classification

The result of the request for socioeconomic classification (CSE) is obtained approximately after 25 business days from the date of subscription of the request, without considering Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. The Sisfoh registry query is temporarily out of service.

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