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The o Thanksgiving Day is not an exclusive holiday of the . Although in that country it is almost an institution, which ends with large dinners, parades and preparations to face the start of Christmas shopping seasons with the There are many other countries where similar celebrations are held, although on different dates.

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This occurs because the Thanksgiving Day it is actually a religious holiday that allows people to thank God for the goodness of the previous year, at the same time that it is related to the pagan festivities of celebration for the harvest season.

In the United States the Thanksgiving Day It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and has as its origin the celebrations that were held after the Anglican reform to thank God. Although there is still controversy regarding the date on which it began to be held in the American continent, it is speculated that this celebration could have started in the 16th century. Some versions even indicate that it was decided that it be held on a Thursday because if someone started their week traveling to meet their family, they would possibly arrive in the middle of it.

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On Canada, on the other hand the Thanksgiving Day It takes place on the second Monday in October, thanks to European migration that added some. The United States and Canada are the only two countries in North America that celebrate the Thanksgiving Day.

On Germany, the Erntedank is the version of the Thanksgiving Day. The feast with origins in ancient Rome or Grecias is also intended to celebrate the harvests and takes place on the last Sunday in September or the first Sunday in October. This festival has been commemorated since 1972 and it is customary to prepare an “Erntedank stew”, a recipe that includes pork, vegetables and is boiled.

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Although in most countries the Thanksgiving Day It is celebrated on mobile dates, since 1948 it is celebrated in Japan The Kinrō Kansha no Hi or Thanksgiving Day for Labor, is a national holiday that is celebrated on November 23 of each year and that was a way to promote some kind of union between a people hit by the atomic expulsions of Hiroshima and Nagazaki. This date usually coincides with the harvest season. If the date falls on a Sunday, the celebration will be moved to the following Monday.

In African countries, Thanks Giving Day is also celebrated. Such is the case in Liberia, which is every first Thursday in November. Meanwhile, in the Caribbean, both Grenada and Saint Lucia celebrate this day. This occurs on October 25 and the first Monday in October, respectively.

Finally, the Thanksgiving Day It is celebrated in some territories that do not constitute countries by themselves, such as Puerto Rico (fourth Thursday in November), Leiden (in the Netherlands, fourth Thursday in November) or Norfolk Island (Australia, last Wednesday in November).



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