“Help me,” writes man kidnapped and forced to withdraw money from a bank

“Help me,” was the word written by a man who was kidnapped and forced to withdraw 40 million Chilean pesos ($ 49,000) from a bank branch in the Puente Alto district. Carabineros were alerted to what was happening, after the victim delivered a ballot to a bank teller with that message.

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Carabineros from the Police Investigation Section (SIP) of the 20th Puente Alto Police Station arrested a man on Tuesday for the kidnapping crime against a person, who was forced to draw 40 million Chilean pesos in a Bank branch.

Immediately, the bank gave the alert to CarabinieriTherefore, IAPA personnel came to the branch to take a statement from him and identify the kidnappers, who had detained him against his will in an illegal camp located in the vicinity of Bajos de Mena.

After this, the IAPA Carabineros found the kidnappers and the truck used by the individuals. According to police information, one of them has a record for injury and traffic, and was arrested at the intersection of Avenida Concha y Toro and Domingo Tocornal.

However, the other individual managed to escape. Regarding how the events occurred, the victim assured that on Monday afternoon he was approached by two men with uncovered faces, who beat him, placed a bag on his head and forced him to get into his vehicle.

Carabineros carries out the rigorous investigation to clarify what happened and if there are more involved.




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