The hearing of Fundaredes activists postponed for the twelfth time

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The Venezuelan Justice postponed this Thursday, for the twelfth time, the preliminary hearing of the three activists of the NGO Fundaredes arrested in July, Omar García, Rafael Tarazona, who were released on parole in October, and Javier Tarazona, who remains in prison.

“Today the preliminary hearing of Javier Tarazona is suspended again – 12 times already”, informed the president of the NGO Foro Penal, Alfredo Romero, in a tweet accompanied by a video in which Gonzalo Himiob, director of the same organization, appears flanked by the two released activists, whose first phase of the trial was also postponed.

The activists, known for denouncing the conflict between the Venezuelan Armed Forces and FARC dissidents in a border area with Colombia, were arrested on July 2 when they went to the Prosecutor’s Office of Coro, capital of Falcón state, to denounce that they were being victims. of harassment and persecution by officials of the State security forces.

The agents who, according to their complaint, were pursuing them belong to the Police and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service, as well as other unidentified individuals, Fundaredes denounced then.

On October 26, Rafael Tarazona and Omar García were released under a precautionary measure that obliges them to appear before the courts every eight days, according to Romero reported at that time, while Javier Tarazona is being held in Helicoide, a detention center. of the Sebin, in Caracas.

Himiob explained, in the video in which he appears with the two released activists, that although everything was ready for the hearing, Sebin officials did not transfer Javier Tarazona to court.

“The court was ready, the Prosecutor’s Office was present, even the attorney for the alleged victim was present, but unfortunately Sebin did not fulfill its obligation to transfer Javier Tarazona to court and therefore … the hearing could not be held” Himiob indicated.

The activists were accused by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of terrorism, incitement to hatred and “treason.”

Fundaredes and other Venezuelan organizations have repeatedly demanded the release of Tarazona, whom they defend as innocent of these accusations.

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