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The girl from the memorable Polystel commercial from the 90s, , passed away last November 19. His followers on social networks were surprised by his departure and sent their condolences to the family.

SIGHT: Lilita de la Fuente: the remembered girl in the Polystel commercial died at 37 years old

Her quirky look in the 1990 commercial consisted of colorful flowers on her head, a black robe, and glasses to promote the now-defunct Universal Textil. His phrase: “He stays young, even if the years go by”, a contrast due to the archaic dress and the freshness of the character. In an interview with Panorama in 2010, she revealed that in reality the voice with which she appeared on television was not hers but a dubbing, because hers was very childish.

He was also part of commercials for La Danesa, Pepsi, and participated in the Nubeluz program. In recent years, Lilita stood out as a fitness and healthy lifestyle entrepreneur with her company “Lilita Fit”, until her death. Lilita de la Fuente is not the only face remembered for starring in endearing television commercials. Here are some.

Chomp Vanilla

The Fénix company launched a commercial in 1987 to promote the endearing Chomp cookie and for this it summoned several children. Among them was Milene Vásquez, who was the protagonist of the Spanish-themed clip.

In an interview with Panorama in 2010, Vasquez, who became an actress, revealed that it was not difficult for her to play her character. “ANDnatural ra. It looked like a fish in water. A little nervous before, but very naturally “. And it would not be for less because she is the youngest daughter of the Argentine actress Mabel Duclós and the Argentine presenter Osvaldo Vázquez.

She also revealed some secrets of the commercial, such as the fact that the stomping was not done by her, but by a doppelganger. “I put my face,” he said with a laugh. Milene Vásquez has continued in the field of acting and was part of various Peruvian productions such as “Milagros”, “What a good race”, “Eva del Edén” and “Red Bracelets”. He also had his time on the big screen with his participation in “General Cemetery 2” and will be part of the cast of the web series “Voices” that premieres in 2022.

“Pass me the Manty”

The Manty brand found a creative way to promote its product with a commercial featuring girls playing “aunt’s tea” and with voices of older women asking “Pass me the Manty” while enjoying their margarine breads.

One of the protagonists was Rebeca Podestá, the girl in the pink dress. The spot is one of the most remembered by people due to the tenderness that these little girls emit when playing adult games.

Podestá has shared on his social networks about his childhood within these commercials; since it was also the image of Vick Vaporub, Saga, Babysol, among others. Currently, she is a psychologist, sexuality specialist and couples therapist with more than 15 years of professional experience. In addition, she is the mother of two children: Vicente and Aurelia.

“Relief with love”

The “Vick VapoRub” brand presented a sweet commercial starring the little Sabrina Choza to promote their menthol. “The other day I felt very sick and my nose was stuffy and my little necklace annoyed me and my little breast ´uy´ “, the girl is heard saying in the 1987 spot.

In 2010, Sabrina was interviewed by Panorama and revealed that the recording was a bit tedious for her age. “I only remember that they made me jump for hours on a bed; I couldn’t say ‘covered’, I said ‘thick’ “, said. Years later, Choza studied medicine. She is currently practicing as a pediatrician, one of her dreams since she was very young. “Since I was little I always wanted to be a doctor”.


In 1999, Óscar Pacheco was the star of a commercial, where he played a clueless vigilante. “Oh yeah, Jiron Yungay. Walk six blocks and turn right”, The actor is heard saying in the 35-second clip in response to a tourist’s romantic statement that he did not understand, as it was in English.

The purpose of “Yungay” was to promote an English dictionary from the Diario Ojo y Pacheco has not been forgotten by viewers. In 2018, he played his guachiman character again, but this time for the Entel company and with a totally different ending, where he did manage to stay with the girl.

The actor Óscar Pacheco commented that same year that he was a cast professor at the Cayetano Heredia University and had his own company called “Todoloteatral”; For this reason, he continues to be closely linked to the world of the performing arts. In addition, he is the father of a girl who would now be 8 years old. “Being ‘Yungay’ changed my life (…) I am willing to continue with the character, since I really love him.”, said.

“Shrink price”

The Japanese firm Panasonic, which came to our country in the 1980s under the name of National, launched the commercial “Lower price” with the leading role of chef Toshiro Konishi.

Konishi played a martial arts master to promote the brand’s televisions. “Shrink price” was his trademark. After his foray into advertising, Toshiro Konishi devoted himself entirely to gastronomy and was one of the pioneers in cooking nikkei, fusion of Peruvian cuisine with Japanese culinary art. Konishi’s death occurred in July 2016 at the age of 63.

“The umbrella”

In 2008, Claro released the iconic “Summer Theme” commercial, with a catchy musical single, in which model Vanessa Tello became famous. She mentioned in 2011 to El Comercio that “I didn’t think it was going to cause such a sensation and that it was going to work so well. From there, they associated me with summer. I am happy because they found the character well ”.

After this appearance, Vanessa became known in the middle and became a model; Furthermore, he participated in competition programs such as “Esto es Guerra”. After a few years, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to her nutrition career.

She expressed in her social networks that this would help her reach a deeper goal because she was always hungry to learn and help those in need. In 2017, Vanessa Tello became Isaiana’s mother and is still dedicated to her career.

Anchor boy

In the 1991 commercial, the Anchor Company decided to include children in its new television spot. In it, a boy who laments and mentions that he wants to grow up strong and healthy and not stay like a dwarf. This was played by Jean Pierre Rivera.

“All my life that character has haunted me”, revealed to Panorama. Currently, Jean Pierre is completely removed from the advertising field, but he is a sales director at a well-known company.

Little mazamorrero

In 1993, the Negrita brand gave us the “Chiquito mazamorrero” spot with one of the most remembered and joyous jingles on television to promote its star product: the artificial mazamorra.

Clearly, the strong point of the campaign was in the jingle that allowed the product to position itself in the minds of consumers and penetrate supermarkets. Currently, the name and what happened to the boy who starred in this commercial is unknown.

Showbiz in commercials

The characters of the national show business have also participated in iconic television commercials. Such is the case of Carlos Alcántara, who was the image of Brahma in 2008, the year this brand entered the Peruvian market.

In order to differentiate itself from its competitors, the spot will highlight its fresh and jovial side. The chemistry between the brand and the actor was very good, so they did five campaigns together; In addition, Brahma sponsored his stand up show and the movie “Asu Mare”.

Today, Carlos Alcántara continues to dedicate himself to acting and has launched his career abroad, starring in “El Refugio”, his first comedy in Spain directed by Macarena Astorga that will premiere later this year.

For his part, José Abelardo Gutiérrez Alanya, popularly known as Tongo, became the image of Telefónica in 2005 with fragments of his well-known song “La pituca”, and came to appear in 7 commercials for the Spanish company. Two years later, Claro turned Tongo into his new image, appearing for the first time in the “FonoClaro” spot. It should be noted that the singer was recently hospitalized for complications from his diabetes.

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