WhatsApp will show in a tab who has reacted to a message

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WhatsApp is working on a new function By which users will be able to react to a message specific in a chat. Reactions will appear at the bottom of these, where you can see who has reacted to a specific message and with what emoji.

As explained in WABetainfo, the social network plans to launch the possibility of reacting to messages, which will be indicated below these texts, as well as images and videos. The app will include a tab in which the type of reactions is specified received and who has reacted to them.

This function, which is already available in Facebook Messenger chats, will be enabled both in threads of individual chats as in group chats. In this case, all those who are part of the groups will be able to access the section in which it is reported who has reacted to a certain WhatsApp message.

The aforementioned portal specified that the reactions will be limited to six emojis and the user will only be able to select one reaction per message. The feature has been tested during the development of the WhatsApp beta for iOS. However, the social network is working to bring this ability to Android devices.

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