Dying Trump Supporter’s Last Words: ‘Please Go Get Vaccinated…This Is Nothing Nice’

Not the sort of thing anyone should have written in their obituary: “Brad Vinnard, Trump supporter, died from vaccine hesitancy…”

Source: Raw Story

A California woman is begging people to get vaccinated after losing her husband to COVID-19, KCRA reports.

According to Mia Vinnard, she and her husband Brad were hesitant to get vaccinated, but now it’s too late. They were married for 12 years.

Brad tested positive for COVID in late June and died after battling the virus for two weeks in an intensive care unit.

“It all happened so fast,” Mia said. “I wish we would have gotten vaccinated. I mean one simple shot could’ve prevented all of this.”

Except that was never going to happen. A brief perusal of Brad ‘Bradster’ Vinnard’s Facebook page shows a deep antipathy towards COVID vaccines, a love of Trump and other right-wing causes, and his love of Harleys. His Facebook comments were the usual hodgepodge of extremism and conspiracy theory, that the vaccines were unsafe, unproven, no worse than the flu, a means for government control, etc. Just the usual paranoid delusion so often seen by followers of Donald Trump.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for funeral expenses and to help his wife, who is also recovering from COVID.

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