Emailing Ed, United Goes Electric Again, Spirit’s Strategy, Suing Burbank

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‘The volumes are beyond anything we have ever seen’: Delta hold times won’t improve until fallUSA Today
This is fantastic. On the earnings call, USA Today’s Dawn Gilbertson asked Delta how people should reach the airline considering its phone hold times are crazy long and it stopped responding to Twitter direct messages. CEO Ed Bastian said people can email him. Seriously. Now presumably he has another email address that he actually uses, but he must have a team responding to [email protected] So, give it a shot and see if you get a response. If this is what the airline is resorting to, it’s got problems.

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Now this is a cool-looking airplane. Of all the orders United has placed for future aircraft, this is the one that gets me most excited. An electric 19-seater has plenty of uses, and the ES-19 from Sweden’s Heart Aerospace seems like it might become a real airplane… I hope.

Two for the Road

Spirit’s network chief explains the airline’s 11-destination mid-pandemic growth spurtTPG
Here’s a good interview with Spirit’s VP of Network Planning John Kirby about the airline’s network strategy.

Los Angeles Sues FAA Over Burbank Airport’s New TerminalSan Fernando Valley Business Journal
Absolutely brutal. Burbank has been trying to build a new terminal for decades, and now the city of LA feels like making it another few decades.

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