Alaska Shifts at LAX, Frontier Surges September, United Feels the Paine

Greetings from Airlineville, where every resident seemed to be on the same page this week. Oh sure, the Eskimo started cleaning up fall and the Animal went nuts with a flurry of September plans, but for most, it was time to do some housekeeping and clear out the cobwebs.

As Cirium data shows, the Globe has abandoned one of its newer hotspots while the Widget is starting to think about warming up this winter. Meanwhile, the Eagle is moving its little guys around. The Heart? Oh he’s busy dreaming about home down in Texas.

All this and more this week. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the skeds of air lines.

Alaska Pulls Back Further in LA

Alaska won’t fly from LA to Boston or Chicago through at least until March now. These markets, of course, continue to be flown by its good friend American. Seattle – Winnipeg Edmonton is gone through winter too, and Portland (OR) – Omaha won’t operate until next May, if then. But the biggest cut of all… Portland (OR) – Eugene looks to be gone for good as traffic gets routed through Seattle instead.

Looking at the bigger picture, the airline has also brought down October and November schedules by 12.5 percent and 17.9 percent respectively in order to try to match reality. It’s a little early for certainty, but it’s a welcome effort.

American Brings September Down a Bit More

From September 8 through October 6, American is pulling down 30 to 35 flights a day, mostly regional jets in LA. LA sees cuts in Denver, Houston, Portland (OR), Sacramento, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco as those CRJ-700s move to DFW to replace ERJ-145s.

Delta Builds Up Boston

Delta is making a move in Boston with a whole bunch of new leisure flights starting this winter. Routes include Aruba, Montego Bay, Nassau, Punta Cana, St Thomas, and Turks and Caicos. Charleston (SC) also sees its second summer daily flight extended through the winter.

In other news, Raleigh/Durham – Cancun looks to be gone. Salt Lake gains an extra flight to Fresno, Ontario, and Tulsa. Seattle – Orange County loses 2 daily flights through year-end.

Frontier Goes Big in September

Frontier filed a massive increase of more than 17 percent in available seat miles for September with the big focus on Vegas. Frontier now has September looking more like August than October but with more Vegas and less Miami.

Southwest Bumps Up Austin

Southwest is building up Austin starting in November. El Paso gets an extra 2 – 3x daily. Lubbock goes from 1x weekly to daily, and Long Beach gets an extra daily. Kansas City gets more flying, and Oklahoma City joins the Austin network.

United Leaves Paine Field

United hasn’t flown Paine Field to San Francisco since before the pandemic, and now it’s out completely. Denver stops October 4. Houston – Akron/Canton won’t fly through the winter, and neither will Havana from Houston and Newark. San Francisco – Columbus (OH), Northwest Arkansas, and Oklahoma City won’t fly through year-end.

Other Randomness

  • Air Canada is going to start Vancouver – Orange County in October. On the other hand, it will not fly Montreal – San Salvador (Bahamas) this winter.
  • Boutique appears to be leaving Nashville – Muscle Shoals, Las Vegas – Merced, and Portland (OR) – Bend.
  • Cabo Verde Airlines is pulling out of the Boston – Praia market. That was its last US market.
  • Kuwait Airways will return to the JFK market with 1x weekly from Kuwait starting in August.
  • Seaborne will end flights from San Juan to St Kitts and Santiago (DR). Sister airline Silver looks to be remaining in both markets.
  • Southern Air Express is now planning to fly rich people from Bridgeport (CT) to New York via seaplane through the fall. It’s also going to fly to New York from Boston by seaplane.
  • Viva Air has reversed its increase in the Orlando – Medellín market from last week, so maybe it’s not the early sign of success that it appeared to be.
  • WestJet is downgrading Vancouver – Comox and Nanaimo from Encore Q400s to WestJet Link Saab 340s. Comox, at least, gains an extra daily flight to offset the cut in seats.

That’s all for this week’s episode of Skeds of air Lines. If you can’t wait for next week, you can always subscribe to Cranky Network Weekly. This week, we cover:

  • Alaska Reduces Overlap with American in LA
  • Frontier Turbocharges September in Vegas
  • LAX Loses in American’s Regional Shuffle
  • Delta Builds Up Boston
  • United Gives Up on Paine Field

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