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Although exercise only constitutes 20% of weight loss efforts (nutrition is the other 80%!), its definitely the key to keeping in shape and sculpting one’s body. In this article I want to share a great program with you that I followed for 3 months. Don’t leave the page right now, this program is not meant to form professional athletes, and is accessible to anyone from home ! So here we go :

Day 1 & 4 & 6- 20-40 mins
– Morning
4 x 10 push-ups  (5-10 mins)
4 x 10 crunches (5-10 mins)

4 x 10 push-ups  (5-10 mins)
4 x 10 crunches (5-10 mins)

These exercises will contribute to solidifying your abs, arms, back and shoulders. Don’t hesitate to take a break between series, as forcing yourself to work under muscular pain will result in you doing the exercises less efficiently.

Day 2 & 5 – 20 mins

Go for a 20 mins run. No need to run fast, this is to get your cardio going, burn calories, and get your body’s metabolism going. Burning fat will help you lose weight and more importantly show the abs and muscles you have been working on on days 1 & 6.

Days 3 and 7 – Rest

It’s important to leave these two days for your body to rest. A tired body won’t be efficient and working out everyday often isn’t a good idea. Your muslces also need to rest in order to grow.

Extra : In the last two weeks of the program I bought dumbbells to do additional exercises as I started to feel very confortable with the program. Below you will find an image that illustrates the exercices I would recommend using them for. I added these exercises to my program on the days I went running.

Finally, here a few tips to make sure the program is efficient :
– Use the program in combination with the tips I provided about nutrition in article World’s Best Diets.
– Keep track of your progress ! A key to motivation is noticing results, so keep track of visible improvements in fitness and fat loss (you won’t necessarily lose weight in this program as you are gaining muscle, but you definitely should be losing excess of fat).

Good luck and don’t hesitate to share your experience in the comments below !

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