6 Ways Men Can Improve Their Sexual Performance

If what you need is that your sexual performance improves, take note of the tips that we will mention in this post.

Improving sexual performance is not impossible, in fact, any man can give a boost to his sexual relations without the need to resort to a drug.

If you have recently had erectile dysfunction problems when having sex or have noticed that your libido has changed, perhaps these tips will help you recover and improve your sexual performance.

Eat foods that help you have better sexual performance

sexual performance

As trite as it may sound, eating the right fruits and vegetables can influence sexual performance. For example, although they are not friendly to the breath, garlic and onion are foods that help to have a better blood flow. Also, chili and other spicy foods can help optimal blood circulation.

As for fruits, eating bananas (it’s not gambling either, hey) is a great idea because it contains potassium. This helps lower blood pressure, giving a boost to your ‘sexual parts’ to perform better when it comes to sex.

Also, foods with omega 3 – such as salmon, tuna, avocado, and olive oil- eggs (chicken) and peanuts- will help your hormones level and have more powerful and lasting erections.

Be active

The exercise is key if you want to give a little help to your sexual performance. You don’t have to run marathons or spend hours in a gym or anything like that. Just don’t let a sedentary lifestyle become your lifestyle. With you ‘move the meat’ a few days a week is more than enough. If you exercise frequently, your body will not tire as quickly when you have sex, and you will last longer without the need to take — so many — breaks.

Cut down on stress

sexual performance


If you want to improve your sexual performance, it is important that you know that anxiety and stress are factors that directly affect our health, especially our libido, desire, and sexual satisfaction. Being stressed or anxious can literally cause you to not reach orgasm and even not to be able to maintain an erection. Of course, ‘lowering stress’ is said easily when in reality it is quite complex.

Say goodbye to bad habits

sexual performance

This part is very obvious. Of course, abusing alcohol, smoking, or using drugs will directly affect your sexual performance. If you want to improve it, you will have to put aside bad habits. This also includes eating junk food. Try to replace your old habits with new ones that are healthier.

Masturbate to improve your sexual performance

Giving yourself affection is also one of the ways you can significantly improve your sexual performance. Masturbating regularly can also help men build up their stamina by releasing built-up sexual tension. Take it easy. Practice, and gradually, you will notice the results.

Pay attention to your partner’s needs

sexual performance

Sex is not a one-way street. Paying special attention to your partner’s wishes not only makes sex enjoyable for her, but it can also be enjoyable for you as well. Talking about this beforehand can help alleviate any awkwardness regarding acting and will certainly help improve your sexual performance.

Will you put all these tips into practice to improve your sexual performance?


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