Akili releases ADHD video game therapy on Android and more digital health briefs

Video-game therapy. Digital therapeutic maker Akili announced that its video-game-like therapy for children with ADHD, dubbed EndeavorRx, will now be available on Android devices. The prescription digital therapeutic is geared towards kids 8 to 12 who are diagnosed with ADHD.

The company scored an FDA De Novo for the product in 2020, making it the first game-based therapeutic with clearance. In May, the company scooped up $110 million in Series D investment funding, as well as $50 million in debt funding. 

“More than ever before, kids living with ADHD are facing increased stress and ever-changing routines that make it even harder for them to stay focused,” Carl Gottlieb, SVP of Engineering at Akili Interactive, said in a statement. “It’s incredibly important to us that every eligible child that can benefit from our product can access it. Our launch on Android devices is an important step toward that goal.”

Snore score. You may soon be able to get a full readout of your snoring thanks to a new Fitbit feature, according to 9To5Google. It reported the soon-to-be-released Sense and Versa 3 will now come equipped with a “Snore & Noise Detect” feature, which will be able to analyze sound intensity and snoring events. 

The new feature comes on after the device detects that the user is asleep and can give users a full report of their snoring activity in the morning. The new feature will only be available to Fitbit Premium members. 

The hormone test. At-home fertility test company Proov announced its third patent. This patent is focused on using an LH test, to help identify a user’s fertility window, and a PdG test, to identify the closing of a fertility window. According to the company, the new patent is expected to be part of Proov’s yet-to-be released app Insight.

“With this new patent, Proov will be able to expand beyond fertility to track and analyze menstrual cycle function, and open up new ways to navigate and improve cyclic hormone imbalances, ” says Amy Beckley, MFB Fertility’s founder and CEO. This patent technology is a game-changer for those who are suffering from period problems or menopause symptoms.” 

More telehealth news. Texas-based startup MyTelemedicine is launching a new virtual primary care and integrated behavioral health program for its members across the United States. The company is pitching this as a way to reach patients in rural parts of the country. 

“Our foundational telemedicine services fill a vital need by empowering patients to connect by phone or video with licensed doctors for non-emergency issues. But the original model is geared toward diagnosing and treating common acute illnesses as they arise,” notes Rey Colon, founder and CEO of MyTelemedicine.

“Our new Virtual Primary Care services build on this foundation by letting users select a provider to be their primary care physician to monitor ongoing health concerns, order labs, medication management, as well as address preventative health care strategies,” he says.

In terms of the mental health offering, users are able to access a licensed mental health counselor on-demand or schedule an appointment through a phone or video. 

Psychedelics meet DTx. Mind Cure Health, creator of a digital therapeutic for psychedelic therapy, announced that it will be joining the Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

Mind Cure Health has created a digital platform that gives data-driven insights to patients in clinicians throughout psychedelic therapy. In August, the Canadian company announced its plans to release its minimum viable product (MVP) of its main product the iSTRYM in clinicians across North America.

Founded in 2017, the DTA is a nonprofit industry group focused on driving the adoption and awareness of DTxs. 

“Joining the Digital Therapeutics Alliance is a huge opportunity for our company to be at the forefront of how digital technology is adopted and regulated in the mental health industry,” said Kelsey Ramsden, president and CEO of MINDCURE. “We look forward to collaborating with leaders in the space to help define the future as we invest in and research the potential of digital therapeutics, with a focus on psychedelics.”

Medication management. Mental health focused startup Ahead is launching a new medication management service. Patients with mild to moderate mental health conditions, such as ADHD, are able to sign up for a subscription plan. 

The plan includes a first-time evaluation, a personalized treatment plan and medication deliveries. The provider is charging $150 for the first month and $75 for all subsequent months. The new offering will be available in 12 states. 



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