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Married gets on the bandwagon of discomfort and prepares to shake the street

With the unresolved crisis of Isabel Díaz Ayuso and Vox stomping in the polls, Pablo Casado is preparing to once again shake the streets against the Government. The leader of the PP has already participated in the protests of the police and civil guards against the repeal of the gag law, and he plans to join as many social protests are raised against the Executive if they are not incoherent with popular policies, according to sources from his environment anticipate. The PP assures that “the temperature of the street is rising due to the errors of the Government” and its plan is to join that social unrest. Casado will go out after the banner even if it coincides with Vox, like this Wednesday in the police protest in which he greeted Santiago Abascal. On Saturday, the popular leader “will do everything possible” to also attend the police demonstration, but his presence is on the air because he will be in León early in the morning at a ceremony with the provincial presidents of the PP. If he arrives on time, Casado will meet Ayuso again after two months avoiding each other.

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