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Black Friday 2021: Black Friday 2021 Deals: 10 Premium Kitchen Products Reduced Up to 40% | Showcase

The ten best Black Friday offers available on the Lecuine website with insured 'stock'.
The ten best Black Friday offers available on the Lecuine website with insured ‘stock’.

Lecuine specialty store has also joined the low-price party at this Black Friday 2021. If throughout the year they have good prices in their respective categories (in THE COUNTRY Showcase We have often talked to you about quality pans, French-made pots or all kinds of accessories to complete our kitchenware), this time they have bet hard and have up to 40% discount on reputable brands. Le Creuset, Cosori, Crock Pot, De Buyer … and a few more to complete a category listing.

With an associated saving of more than 120 euros in items such as espresso coffee machines or almost 100 euros among the famous Cocottes. Delivery is assured because they have stock enough of this kind of premium kitchenware with free shipping if the order is greater than 40 euros. Equip yourself with the best products at the best price and don’t wait for November 26!

Small appliance and kitchen basics

Crock Pot Slow Cooker

The slow cooking (or cooking in the traditional way) is a concept that has been gradually incorporated into our kitchens. A device that has contributed to this are the so-called slow cookers or Crock Pot. The model that we highlight is ceramic with a stainless steel housing. Ideal for two people, it has three cooking positions: high, low and “keep warm”. For sale in black and with a two-year warranty.

40% discount, save 15.96 euros.

Cocotte round pot Le Creuset 22 centimeters

The lifetime guarantee is a hallmark of the famous Cocotte pots. But not only. Because they are suitable for all types of cookers (including induction) and have a cast iron body, as well as an enameled interior. The one that we highlight on offer Black friday It is included in the Tradition collection and has a capacity of 3.3 liters and a diameter of 22 cm. In it you can try any preparation: from soups to stews, through cakes or breads.

40% discount, save 99.60 euros.

Cosori oil fryer with wifi connection

The biggest competitive advantage of this fryer lies in its Wi-Fi connectivity. You can monitor the cooking of any recipe from your mobile and prepare dishes for up to five people. Energy saving is guaranteed, thanks to its high energy certification: A +++. On the other hand, its touch screen is very intuitive: just one touch adjusts the cooking time and temperature instantly. And its cleaning is very comfortable; the non-stick basket is removable.

Now, with a 5% discount.

Lot of three mineral iron pans, by De Buyer

Built in recycled material and free of chemicals, these pans from the French firm are built “old-fashioned” but with state-of-the-art technology and materials. Being made of iron in its entirety, we will be able to cook over low heat for longer and cook all the food evenly. They are PFOA-free, post-serviceable, and sold in three sizes: 8 ”, 8 ”, and 11 ”.

25% discount, save 29.75 euros.

Citrus juicer, from Boxwood

Surprise yourself this Christmas with a gift to match, especially if you are passionate about juices. This citrus juicer will surprise you: with stainless steel finishes, includes a pulp filter, ergonomic lever, non-slip base and 100 watts of power. In addition, it is very comfortable to clean.

15% discount, save 14.99 euros.

Breville Barista Max coffee maker

Who says you can’t enjoy a good coffee without leaving your home? We present this espresso machine from Breville. Its Italian pump has 15 bars of pressure and comes with an integrated and removable coffee grinder: up to 30 types of grinding is capable of providing. Its power of 1,550 watts, its 2.8 liter water tank and a capacity to prepare up to two cups of coffee complete its characteristics.

25% discount, save 124.75 euros.

Small appliance and accessories for baking

Le Creuset removable mold

If we want to enter the world of confectionery, we must get the most basic products. One of them is, of course, the mold. The one in the image is made of carbon steel and its construction is robust and non-deformable. It has a non-stick coating and withstands very high temperatures (up to 250 degrees). It has a lifetime guarantee.

Now, with a 15% discount.

Classic Bread Oven, by Emile Henry

Making homemade bread is a delight: feeling the touch of the dough or the smell of yeast during the process is priceless. For this reason, the French firm Emile Henry offers this bell-shaped oven whose mission is to achieve an optimal level of cooking. It supports maximum temperatures of 270 degrees and its mold is suitable for the oven, microwave or freezer. It has a 10-year warranty.

30% discount, save 37.50 euros.

Knife and spatula sets

Special Chef Pack: Set of Wüsthof knives and sharpener

This exclusive set that Lecuine puts at a low price for the week of Black Friday consists of a chef’s knife with a blade length of 20 cm and a peeler-type knife, 10 cm. Two kitchen basics at a great discount and, in addition, a sharpener from the same brand. With it we can sharpen and polish our knives to keep them in the best conditions.

25% discount, save 26.98 euros.

Stoneware ceramic boot and four Le Creuset spatulas

A pack as a gift that the most chefs will appreciate. The set incorporates all the accessories we need when cooking: a spoon-shaped spatula, a flat one to turn and stir, a brush and a concave spatula to serve. All of them have an elegant natural wood handle with silicone, they resist up to 200 degrees and, as they are designed in silicone, they do not retain flavors or odors.

Now, with a 15% discount.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of November 25, 2021.

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