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Tourism, banking and oil companies sink in the stock market more than 10% | Markets

Start again. The cases of the already known variants of the Covid-19 They are wreaking havoc in Europe, with restrictive measures in Austria, the Netherlands and Italy, while Germany and other countries tighten their vigilance to hit the button that limits mobility. But one more ingredient is added to the cocktail that threatens to be another pump for tourism: a new variant of the virus detected in South Africa.

Thus, the tourist values Today they register sharp falls in the Stock Market. Meliá Hoteles sinks more than 6% (in the first hour it fell more than 9%), while Aena fell more than 8%. Amadeus and IAG have returned to trading after more than half an hour inhibited and plummeted more than 12% and 11%, respectively. The Ibex 35 fell more than 3.5%.

Meliá already fell 5% yesterday after Jefferies’ change in recommendation. Thus, in two sessions it loses more than 10% of its value, leaving the shares at 5.70 euros. According to IG analysts, from a technical point of view, stocks are approaching the support of 5.40 euros per title, “the lowest of last July, although we cannot forget about 5.20 euros if the bears continue to prevail over the market. demand”.

“Aena also does not escape the declines after succumbing to the level of 145 euros, so it has lost more than 7% from the November highs, once it ran into resistance at 150.80 euros”, they comment from the analysis firm.

The values ​​linked to the Petroleum and the banking. Repsol lost 7%, dragged down by the decline of more than 4% registered by Brent, to stand at 78 dollars a barrel.

For their part, Santander, Bankinter and Sabadell subtract more than 6%. BBVA and Caixabank fell more than 5%.

The tourist values ​​of the rest of Europe with the sword of Damocles are, again, the airlines, such as Air France-KL, which subtracts more than 10%. EasyJet is inhibited, while Ryanair escapes from burning and rises 1%. The German tour operator TUI is also in the spotlight, yielding 11%. Airbus loses 12%.

According to Renta 4, the new variant of Covid-19 detected in South Africa “compromises the recovery of traffic” in the air sector, given that it would be spreading faster than expected. In his opinion, “with capacity recovery plans that are increasing month by month and progressively improving demand behavior, the fear of the expansion of the new variant is a blow to consolidate the long-awaited recovery” .

The firm explains that the main European airlines had capacity plans for the fourth quarter of this year above 60% compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, prior to the outbreak of the virus, and objectives of closing the gap compared to 2019 in 2022, with some companies even foreseeing to recover the pre-pandemic level in the summer season (April / October) thanks to the good behavior of the current demand. “Both the sixth wave, which should affect traffic in the second half of the fourth quarter, and the explosion of the new variant in South Africa, will surely lead the airlines to cut capacity, at least in the short term and until you can see the scope of these two factors “.

The World Health Organization and scientists in South Africa are studying the recently identified variant, which has been described as very different from previous versions and of grave concern. The United Kingdom, Singapore and Israel have already restricted travel from the African country as well as other nearby regions.

In Hong Kong, two cases of the new virus lineage have already been confirmed. The lack of liquidity caused by the Thursday holiday in the United States for Thanksgiving Day has drained liquidity from the markets and has exacerbated movements.

The closings in Asia have been fateful, with sharp declines in all the continent’s indices. The Hong Kong Hang Seng and the Japanese Nikkei have both plunged 2.5%. And the opening in the Old Continent is looming hard, with setbacks in the Euro Stoxx 50 futures around 3%.

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