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The label on this garment prohibits all cleaning methods known to man

After just two uses, Pablo Sigüenza, a 23-year-old neighbor from Oviedo, decided yesterday to wash the green sweater that his mother gave him for his birthday but, when examining the label of the garment, he realized that it prohibits all cleaning methods known to man.

“I cannot wash it with cold water, or with hot water, or with soap, or put it in the washing machine, or in the basin, or rub it,” says the young man with concern. Dry cleaning is also completely out of the question for the type of fabric of that sweater, so Sigüenza has chosen to use it one more time for now because it is not very dirty yet, but is aware that she will soon have to get rid of it because she cannot be cleansed.

Pablo would like humans to invent a new cleaning method that would allow him to be able to wash his jersey and thus use it regularly, but science is far from achieving this at the moment. The sweater that his mother gave him even explodes when it comes into contact with water, so Pablo finds it difficult for the moment to be able to wash it in the near future.

It is not the first time that this young man has faced a similar situation, last year he had to buy dozens of the same shirts because it was a garment that could be washed in all possible ways known to man.

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