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Check the results of the daily draw of the ONCE coupon for today Monday, November 22, 2021



The number of the Today’s daily ONCE coupon Monday, November 22, 2021 awarded with 35,000 euros has been 08171. In addition, the winning series of that number has been 036, which will receive the Pay of 36,000 euros per year for the next 25 years.

The first draw for the ONCE daily coupon took place on May 8, 1939, when it was called the “pro-blind” coupon. The first draws were provincial, and the exploitation was in the hands of the State Administration. These coupons had only 3 figures plus a series of 5 figures, and their cost ranged from 10 cents of a peseta to 25 pesetas.

The ONCE daily coupon It is made up of a 5-digit number that is obtained by extracting 5 balls ranging from 0 to 9 and a serial number between 1 and 55.

The winners of the number have a prize of 35,000 euros, and those who also hit the series will also be benefited with the Pay of 36,000 euros per year for 25 years.

Other raffles organized by ONCE are the Cuponazo, which is held on Fridays, and the Sueldazo, on weekends. The prizes of these draws are, 9 million for the Coupon, and 300,000 euros plus 5,000 euros per month for the next 20 years for the Sueldazo.

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