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Health proposes a new ‘Covid traffic light’ with limited hours in hospitality and nightlife




After receiving criticism from the experts for its laxity and not having the support of the autonomous communities, the Ministry of Health through the Alerts Report has proposed a new draft of the
known as ‘Covid traffic light’
to which ABC has had access.

Although it maintains its proposal to increase the cumulative incidence at each higher risk level, it does introduce changes such as the time limitation both for the interior of the restoration (until 11:00 p.m. on alert 2, that is, from the new incidence of 100 cases) and of discos and nightlife (Close at 1.00 am from the same level). In the hotel industry, the maximum occupancy of 10 diners per table would be imposed again, and these would be separated by at least a distance of 1.5 meters from the medium risk level, where the prohibition of consuming in bars and capacity of 50 also returns %.

For the higher alert level, diners would be limited to 6, the indoor capacity is reduced to 25% and it cannot be consumed at the bar either. At alert level 4 (incidence above 500 cases) the service would be suspended inside these premises, and they were ordered to continue their work by delivering at home or to collect locally.

For the interiors of nightclubs, the capacity of 75% is established already from the low-risk stage, with dancing and singing with a mask. From alert level 2 or high risk, the capacity is reduced for these premises to 50% and the aforementioned time limitation would be imposed, closing at 1.00 at night. In levels 3 and 4 its opening is not contemplated.

The document, which will be predictably voted this Tuesday by the Public Health Commission but it must be ratified within the Interterritorial Health Council, it establishes that the low risk will be between 50 and 100 cases of accumulated incidence in the last 14 days. Below that threshold, circulation will be established as “controlled”, previously called the “new normal”. The average risk would be set between 100 and 300; the high between 300 and 500 and the very high above 500. Spain has reached this Monday a
cumulative incidence of 132 cases
in the last 14 days, so according to this indicator it would be at medium risk again. According to the data published this Monday, in addition, only Navarra would be at high risk, the last step before reaching the maximum degree contemplated by the document.

In the second block of the new traffic light, the one related to hospital pressure, Health maintains the reference levels of occupancy both in hospitalization and in ICU, but adds two new indicators to assess risk. These are the rate of new hospitalization for Covid and the rate of new hospitalization in ICU, both relative to the last 7 days. It also establishes that to lower alert level 1 to the level of controlled circulation it is necessary that at least 4 of the 5 indicators of the first block and all of the second are below the minimum value.

The document released to the communities for publication reiterates that the basic hygiene and prevention measures and the rest of the measures included in Law 2/2021, of March 29, continue to be mandatory while it is still in force, as well as those included in current regional regulations. «The use of a mask indoors and physical distance are two of the key elements in prevention. These measures must be applied regardless of the level of alert in which a territory is, even when it is in a level of controlled circulation of the transmission. In particular, it is important to maintain the use of the mask, “he adds.

In the recommendations section, it proposes, at any time, “Promote teleworking”, although with special incidence in levels 3 and 4, in which he asks to avoid “getting together to eat or drink.” For those who require presence, it must be ensured that the prevention measures related to interpersonal physical distance, use of a mask and adequate ventilation are complied with.

At the lower alert levels, the new ‘Covid traffic light’ suggests to the communities to abolish the restriction of capacity at level 1 if the correct use of the mask can be ensured indoors. At this level, for cinemas and other closed spaces where the consumption of drinks and food is allowed, the capacity will be a maximum of 50% and the interpersonal distance of 1.5 meters. At level 2, the capacity of 75% will be maintained (without being able to eat or drink), and at 3, 50%. Depending on the situation, the authorities of each region may even assess the closure of establishments or premises that are at level 4.

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