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Comparison: Risking to see any other cultural creation of humanity vs. Rewatching The Simpsons

With the arrival of season 33 of The Simpsons to Disney +, an old debate that has been dividing humanity for centuries has reopened: Is it worth starting to see new series, subjecting ourselves to the risk that we do not like them, or is it better to see the old ones because we know that they will never fail us? In order to shed some light on this question, one of our editors has risked seeing any other cultural creation of humanity and then has returned to The Simpsons.


Starting to watch a new series requires a job of memorizing character names and understanding plots and conflicts, which is really exhausting. Instead, when you watch The Simpsons you just have to relax and watch The Simpsons.


A few years ago, watching The Simpsons with commercials and with your father chewing food was very uncomfortable, but now that the complete series is on Disney + you can watch non-stop episodes in total comfort.


Choosing among the thousands of series recommendations from your friends is unbearable. Instead, watching new episodes of The Simpsons and, when finished, rewatching your favorites from the previous 32 seasons, is what really defines a state of well-being.


When watching new series you can have things to talk about with your friends, that is true, but when watching The Simpsons you can talk about absolutely any subject because The Simpsons predict all the events that occur in the world.


Watch The Simpsons on Disney + worth 8.99 euros per month. Seeing the rest of humanity’s cultural creations, with all the platforms that exist now, would amount to millions of euros a week.


The Simpsons chapters last 20 minutes. Instead, there are new series out there that have neither Homer, nor Bart, nor Lisa and that still last almost an hour.


Seeing new cultural creations is very exciting because sometimes you can find one that you like almost as much as you like The Simpsons, but of course, if you watch The Simpsons you already have the thrill of seeing something you like as much as The Simpsons.


After having seen all the new creations of humanity in just one week and having seen all the episodes of The Simpsons one by one again, my conclusion is that, without influencing at all the fact that this is a comparison sponsored by Disney +, watching The Simpsons is the best thing to do because I’ve been doing it for 32 years and I have a lot of common sense.

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