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A very ambitious priest, convinced that in less than ten years he will be God

Jose Vicente de Mata is a young priest who always arrives two hours before the church and does not go home until midnight because he stays working on the Bible, the candles or any emergency that he must attend to in the temple. This priest’s ambition has led him to convince himself that, in less than ten years, he will be God.

“God has been in the position for a long time, an eternity, so soon he will want to retire and I plan to be there fighting for the square,” he acknowledges from the altar of the church of Las Carmelitas, where he gives one of his five daily masses. Jose Vicente de Mata always had a shark mentality. “He was the most diligent student in catechesis, he knew all the commandments by heart,” explains Father Almunia, who was his teacher for two years. “You could see that he would go far,” he confesses.

Jose Vicente de Mata went from altar boy to priest in just six months. “Ringing the bell was too small for him, he needed to aspire to bigger things, like reading the letters of the Corinthians,” says Father Almunia. Jose Vicente de Mata is so ambitious and is so convinced that he will achieve his goals that he always wears a robe and a crown of thorns because he dresses for the job he wants and not for the one he has.

When he becomes God, this priest will initiate a policy of expansion to bring Catholicism back to all corners of the planet. “In life you have to undertake and, if you do not advance, you go back, so the first thing I will do is open offices all over the world as was done in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries,” he advances.

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