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He goes to the ER because he discovers that he is going bald

Several hairs stuck to the pillow, the toilet drain clogged and the reflection in the mirror showing more skin on the head than ever, those were the symptoms that made Javier Ramos López, a neighbor of the Navas neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​run to Emergency to ask for help because he is going bald. “Please, I’m losing a lot of hair, I can’t stop the bleeding!” He yelled in triage, according to some witnesses.

The patient sat in the waiting room for a while, but continued to lose a lot of hair, so the doctors on duty made a tourniquet around his neck to try to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately, this did not completely prevent the fall and the hospital floor was filled with hair. “Do something, for what you want the most, I can’t go on living like this,” the patient cried.

A practice doctor, when he saw Javier Ramos’s almost hairless head, suffered severe dizziness and had to be treated by his colleagues. “I had never seen something so shocking: the patient entered the emergency room holding three hairs that he had found on his pillow, asking that they be sewn to his head again, it was really unpleasant,” recalls the doctor still from a stretcher connected to assisted respiration .

After several hours, and according to what the press has learned, Ramos was discharged and returned home with his head completely bandaged, when he took off the bandages and saw the magnitude of his alopecia in the mirror, he has not hesitated to start the legal procedures necessary to request euthanasia.

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