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Javier Gutiérrez crosses the land of flavors | In key of well-being

“The sound of the river Nora and the cowbell of the cows receive me like the monarch Alfonso II el Casto”, confesses Javier Gutiérrez (Lluanco / Luanco, 1971) while crossing the same bridge that the king crossed 12 centuries ago, establishing the kilometer zero of what would become the most famous pilgrimage in the world: the Camino de Santiago. The actor departs from Oviedo / Uviéu and heads to Grau / Grado, 26.5 kilometers that will take you through dazzling landscapes, a stimulus for your mind and your senses, with stops that will allow you to taste delicacies such as cheese with Denomination of Protected Origin (PDO) Afuega’l pitu. A stage, this fourth of his adventure A Paradise on the Road that, above all, will leave a recorded teaching: “They say that what the Camino gives you, you have to give it back”, a kind of “Asturian karma”, explains the actor. And it is a lot that the Camino can give a pilgrim …

The Primitive Way, the one that begins at the gates of the cathedral of Oviedo / Uviéu – temple that houses some of the symbols of the Principality, such as the Victoria and Angels crosses – runs, in its first stage, from the capital to the town of Grau / Grado, crossing the council of Las Regueras. Almost thirty kilometers whose route takes the traveler through the foothills of Mount Naranco, with some of the most beautiful pearls of the pre-Romanesque architecture of the region, and through villages such as Llampaxuga and Lloriana, before ascending to Taraniellu and descending again towards Premoñu.

In Las Regueras, a land of green pastures, the vaqueiros keep alive the tradition of transhumance, “a delicious landscape from which the countrymen draw the most Asturian flavors,” says Gutiérrez, as they pass through these lands. You will come across granaries and bread baskets such as those of Peñaflor, a very valuable cultural heritage, before arriving in the capital of Moscona and looking into the center of its historic center, with must-see visits such as the Valdecarzana palace or, above all, its square, even more. on market days: “a festival of local products”, as defined by the actor, before going to try one of the four cheeses with PDO or the famous honeys of the area.

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