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After entering a mass in honor of Franco by mistake, Pablo Casado entered a Francoist bar by mistake and, trying to flee from there, murdered 15 Republican militiamen by mistake

Regretting his bad feeling, Pablo Casado, the leader of the Popular Party, has attended “by mistake” a mass in honor of the dictator on the anniversary of his death, according to the press. Realizing how problematic his presence could be in a tribute to the dictator, Casado tried to flee the church and took refuge in the first bar he saw open, where some onlookers took photos with him and published them on social networks accompanied from the text “Here, with Pablo Casado, at the ‘Bar Mesón Viva el Caudillo’, a Francoist bar of those that no longer remain !!”.

From the PP they explain that, when the politician realized the affiliation of the local, he tried to flee by car in a hurry shouting “Sorry, sorry, I’m not Franco!”, At which point inadvertently ran over 15 Republican militiamen. “But where did these Republicans come from !? What nightmare is this !? ”, the popular leader shouted after the accident. The party also explains that the corpses of the victims fell, after bouncing off a post, right in a hole in a roadside ditch, something that was the result of chance “and it does not try to recall or repeat scenes of the civil War”.

Married, fleeing on foot along the road and trying not to be portrayed at any time, he ran into a section under construction a few seconds later and, again by mistake, tripped and fell headlong into a bucket of tar, forcing him to to go into a barber shop to shave most of his beard and shave his head to zero, which explains why he now goes with his head completely shaved, in the style of young neo-Nazis. “The only piece of beard that has been saved is a small piece just below the nose and that only recalls that of Adolf Hitler by chance,” they have justified from the PP.

As the press has learned, when wearing the suit completely stained with tar, the popular politician decided to buy new clothes and “give explanations about these unfortunate errors as soon as possible”, but due to an inexplicable error, what he ended up acquiring instead of a The suit was a complete uniform of the Francoist rebel side of 1936. “It’s not what it seems !!”, Pablo Casado said to the passers-by who insisted on taking pictures with him. Since its formation they have explained that the regrettable oversight was due to the politician, already quite nervous, mistaking a military memorabilia store called ‘The Little Caudillo’ for a Zara.

In order to demonstrate his repudiation of fascism, confirm his definitive adherence to constitutional values ​​and dispel any kind of doubts about his sympathies with the dictatorship, Pablo Casado immediately entered a tattoo shop to stamp the flag of Spain on his skin but Due to another mistake, he ended up with a drawing of the Francoist eagle that covers his entire back. “I don’t know what happened!” Pablo Casado admitted through tears as he left the tattoo shop, called ‘Tattoos 88’.

At the last minute, Married, crying, with shattered nerves, his head shaved like a neo-Nazi, Hitler’s mustache, a fascist tattoo on his back and wearing a full uniform of the National Party, has burst into Congress to clarify before all the representatives his adherence to the Constitution and democracy but, due to a mistake, he has shouted “Freeze everyone!” and he has fired into the air with a pistol that he himself did not know he was carrying.

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