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James Rhodes assumes that in 200 years the only music to be heard will be the record “James Rhodes Live In Brighton”

With no intention of detracting from any contemporary artist, James Rhodes assumes that, in 200 years, the only music to be heard will be the record “James Rhodes Live in Brighton.” The English pianist has declared that, in the year 2221, he will be the only musician today that people will talk about.

“It’s a shame, but it will be like that,” Rhodes acknowledged in a program on La 2 de Televisión Española. “And the only channel that will be seen in 200 years will be La 2,” he added. The musician based in Spain is considering making his own versions of songs by Bad Bunny, C. Tangana or Rosalía to help them transcend.

Rhodes is convinced that his interpretations of Bach have greatly helped that his “old companion” has not been forgotten. “We have both been very supportive of each other in our careers,” he says of the brilliant German composer.

Aware of the enormous fame that he will have in two centuries, James Rhodes wanted to send a message to all his future fans, who will surely listen to him carefully when they are born: “Please, do not unfreeze my body until Gibraltar is Spanish again.” .

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