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Italy fines Google and Apple 20 million for illegal use of data | Economy

The Italian Authority guaranteeing competition and the market has sanctioned Google and Manzana with 10 million euros each, the maximum allowed under current legislation, due to “the lack of consumer information” and “aggressive practices related to the acquisition and use of consumer data for commercial purposes.” Both companies announced that they will appeal the sanctions, according to the Italian media.

The organism explains that “Google bases its economic activity on the offer of a wide range of products and services connected to the internet (…) also based on the elaboration of user profiles and carried out thanks to their data”. Regarding Apple, he highlighted that “it collects, profiles and uses user data for commercial purposes through the use of its devices and services. So it directly exploits its economic value through promotional activity to increase the sale of its own products and / or those of third parties through its commercial platforms ”.

The agency also considers that “both Google and Apple did not provide clear and immediate information on the acquisition and use of user data for commercial purposes.” In particular, it points out that Google omits relevant information for consumers both in the account creation phase, essential for the use of all the services offered, and during the use of the services themselves. That information, according to the authority, is necessary to make an informed decision to “agree that the company collects and uses your personal information for commercial purposes.”

Likewise, he adds, “Apple, both when creating the Apple ID and when accessing the Apple Stores (App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Books), does not immediately and explicitly provide the user with any information about the collection and use of its data for commercial purposes, highlighting only that the collection of data is necessary to improve the consumer experience and the use of services ”.

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