HIMSSCast: The GetHealth data breach and what it means for consumer health apps and devices

Last week, a database that was not password protected exposed more than 61 million records containing data from fitness trackers and wearables, including Apple HealthKit and Fitbit. On today’s HIMSSCast a team of HIMSS Media editors – host Jonah Comstock, MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett, MobiHealthNews Senior Editor Emily Olsen, and Healthcare IT News Executive Editor Mike Miliard – talk about the developing story and try to put it in the context of digital health and health IT news trends.

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Talking points:

  • The GetHealth data breach: What happened?
  • The FTC response – enforcement and clarification of breach notification rules.
  • Consumerized health plays catch-up with HIPAA.
  • How this news affects other trends like Apple health sharing.
  • Apple’s recent spyware breach.
  • Why your health data is valuable to bad actors.
  • Lessons learned from this data breach and questions going forward.
  • Effect on consumer trust and lessons for consumers.
  • What comes next? 

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