Telehealth and the school nurse – with Marcos Domiciano

TytoCare’s Marcos Domiciano joins host Jonah Comstock for a discussion for the unique opportunities and challenges of telehealth in schools, and how TytoCare’s approach to combining video visits with connected devices has proven a good fit for this area.


Talking points:


  • TytoCare’s differentiator – telehealth plus remote examination tools.
  • Unique challenges to school-based telehealth.
  • How COVID-changed school-based telehealth.
  • Telehealth at universities vs grade schools.
  • Controlling the spread of COVID-19 at universities.
  • Patient engagement through telehealth with students.
  • The components of the TytoCare virtual care kit.
  • Specific clinical use cases common in schools.
  • Efficacy data of TytoCare’s school-based efforts.

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