5 Tips to Increase Sexual Desire in Marriage. Yes, It Is Possible!

Marriage doesn’t have to be the end of sex, as many people believe.

It is possible to have a busy sex life even in long-term relationships and with commitments and responsibilities.

How often is it normal for a couple to have intercourse?

marriage and sex

Everything is different at the beginning of any relationship, as at the beginning of any new activity in life, which keeps curiosity and sexual disposition high.

Many couples tend to have a high frequency of sexual activity at this early stage, which tends to stabilize over time.

This happens because each person has a unique and individual sexual need and, when the relationship remains stable, each partner is expected to enter their comfort zone.

Many couples believe that the more sex they have, the better the relationship. They are concerned about the amount of intercourse per week.

However, there is no number of relationships that are considered normal or expected in relationships. The normal is defined by the couple themselves: the frequency that pleases both.

It is important to emphasize that more than quantity, the quality of relationships is much more important in long-term relationships.

Having relationships in which both are satisfied, feeling appreciated, and relaxed should be the goal.

How to improve sex in marriage?

marriage and sex

In general, you need to look carefully at yourself and your partner and see if the decrease in sexual desire is normal due to the length of the relationship or if there is any other problem getting in the way.

When one of the partners has a very marked drop in the desire to have sex, it may not be a decrease due to the time or stability of the relationship.

The causes can be both physical (e.g., hormonal problems) and emotional (e.g., stress, resentment). In this case, it is recommended that the couple seek specialized help.

Now, if the problem is the time of relationship, the changes that life together brings, it is possible to improve your sex life even today.

See some tips to improve the day-to-day so that both partners can relax more and be more willing for sex:

Keep dating

marriage and sex dating

Often, when they assume the role of married people, the couple fails to do activities and practice attitudes they had when dating.

What did you like to do as a couple when you were dating?

How about starting by organizing the routine and opening a space in the agenda for both?

Lock the door

marriage and sex dating

Privacy is critical.

Even couples with children, where everyone shares the house, need to have their own space and time.

Sex needs time, climate, security that the door won’t open at any moment.

Don’t always leave sex as the last option of the day. Yes, it’s a challenge. But it will be worth it.

Divide the obligations

marriage and sex dating

Bills, chores, child care, professional commitments, etc. are part of life.

But talking about it all the time makes the routine boring and the couple’s conversations superficial.

Have a candid conversation about each other’s roles and responsibilities in the accounts, child care, and what is relevant to working as a team.

Cultivate individuality

marriage and sex dating

Don’t forget that you have to be “one” too.

Individual pleasures and personal interests are part of the individuality of each one and enrich the subjects and coexistence.

You must want to improve

marriage and sex dating

Stop complaining and seek solutions together. However, if the couple is not succeeding on their own, it is a case of seeking specialized help.

Let’s remember that loss of sexual desire can have many causes. A psychologist who specializes in sexuality will be able to guide them on the best approach to the problem.



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